Who will win the Otto Mønsted Foundation’s MADE Award 2023?

Seven MADE researchers are nominated for The Otto Mønsted Foundation’s MADE Award 2023. Learn about their groundbreaking ideas that solve or have the potential to solve industrial challenges.

We will soon know the names of the 1st and 2nd prize winners of this year’s Otto Mønsted Foundation’s MADE Award.

The winners will be announced on-stage at the MADE innovation conference on 7 December in Copenhagen.

Read on for a presentation of all seven nominees (in random order):

1) Alberto Sartori

MADE Ph.D. at University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
Industrial partners: KUKA, The LEGO Group and Danfoss
Title of the research project: Agile Service-Based Programming of Multi-Robot Systems.

Alberto Sartori is nominated for exploring innovative strategies to control industrial equipment through a Digital Twin platform. His achievements include the development of a demonstrator for The LEGO Group, in which robots help operators assemble and disassemble injection moulds weighing up to 750 kg and consisting of dozens of parts.

Given the relevance of the project to the digitisation strategy that we are following within The LEGO Group, we are considering continuing the collaboration with SDU to introduce the system to our mould maintenance department

Per Høvsgaard, Technology Director, Mould Supply & Technology, The LEGO Group

2) Casper Solheim Bojer

MADE Ph.D. at Aalborg University
Industrial partner: The LEGO Group
Title of the research project: Process Innovation with Analytics.

Casper Bojer is nominated for his research on Big Data with The LEGO Group, and together with the world’s largest toy manufacturer he has developed four demonstrators to predict downtime and enhance quality control.

3) Fatemeh Kakavandi

MADE Ph.D. at Aarhus University
Industrial partner: Novo Nordisk A/S
Title of the research project: Enabling Real-Time Release Testing using Digital Twin in Medical Device Assembly.

Fatemeh Kakavandi is nominated for her work in building digital twins of multiple assembly process steps and in developing models.

We had the pleasure of collaborating intensively on this project, which produced excellent results. Certain elements from the MADE FAST project have been further matured and are now being implemented in manufacturing equipment within Novo Nordisk A/S.

Roger de Reus, ph.d., Novo Nordisk, senior assembly engineer

4) Johan Bjerre Bach Clausen

MADE Ph.D. at Aalborg University
Industrial partner: Arla Foods
Title of the research project: Realising Data and Analytics Democratization in Production

Johan Clausen is nominated for his work on minimising energy consumption in production machines and how we can empower end-users in the production chain to achieve positive change. He has developed a prototype of a democratised system that delivers advanced analytics and personalised decision support.

The specific energy optimisation problem he is researching, which shows promise in tests at ARLA, and the associated new concept of mass-customisable analytics he has developed, are of great interest to ARLA. The first version of the optimiser is planned to be rolled out at the first ARLA sites at the end of 2023.

Nikolai L. Svalebæk Chief Enterprise Architect, Arla Foods Amba

5) Juanita Gallego Dávila

MADE Ph.D. at Aalborg University
Industrial partner: Aalborg Portland
Title of the research project: Sustainability evaluation of CCUS: Towards a low carbon cement production.

Juanita Gallego Dávila is nominated for her work on Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) – a strategy to decarbonise industrial processes in cement production.

The results of the project have been very useful for the company and have demonstrably moved the Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) programme forward. New procedures, such as uncertainty risk analysis, unfamiliar to the company, have now been implemented thanks to Ms Dávila’s project.

Jesper Sand Damtoft, Group Sustainability and R&D Director, Cementir Holding.

6) Pravin Kumar Mallick

Industriel partner: Novo Nordisk
Title of the research project: Aiding Reverse Logistics Decisions for End-of-Use and End-of-Life Product Take-back: Development of configuration system support for manufacturing companies.

Pravin Kumar Mallick is nominated for developing a configuration support tool for design take-back programmes.

Pravin contributes greatly to our company and Circular for Zero strategy by bringing in insights from programmes in developing a configuration support tool to help design take-back programmes. This is key in maturing our decision processes and insights into the most effective ways of designing and scaling up take-backprogrammes.

Kim Bang Salling, Head of Data and Analytics, Environment and Social Sustainability, Novo Nordisk

7) Rasmus Jørgensen

Postdoc at Copenhagen Business School
Industrial partners: Danfoss and WindowMaster
Title of the research project: Development of product take-back systems.

Rasmus Jørgensen is nominated for his achievements in designing take-back systems for products.

Rasmus Jørgensen has played a pivotal role in assisting us in take-back system development. His support is essential in understanding and navigating the complexities involved in designing and implementing a product take-back system.

Karen S. Andreassen, Standardisation & Product Legislation Manager, WindowMaster International A/S

The Otto Mønsted Foundation’s MADE Award

The award will be conferred on a PhD student or postdoc working with one of the five Danish universities (AAU, AU, CBS, DTU and SDU) in MADE.

The winner will be announced on 7 December 2023, at a MADE innovation conference in Copenhagen.

The first-prize winner will receive DKK 100,000 and the second-prize winner will receive DKK 50,000, and both awardees will receive a diploma and an art prize. The award is sponsored by the Otto Mønsted Foundation, whose main objective is to contribute to the advancement of Denmark’s trade and industry.

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