A Danish
Manufacturing Ecosystem

We want Denmark to be the world’s leading manufacturing nation. Therefore, Denmarks cluster for manufacturing unites the Danish manufacturing ecosystem to create and implement the sustainable solutions of tomorrow.

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Company participation

Get access to network, knowledge and support to introduce new technologies and solve challenges in your production. Read more about how MADE can help companies.

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Knowledge about Manufacturing

Be inspired by the latest MADE research on manufacturing and learn how you can overcome challenges in the production. Dive into our research initiatives below.

Sustainable manufacturing business models and value chain design

Value chain execution and optimization

Agile Production systems

Sustainable upscaling through digitalization of manufacturing processes

Sustainable and agile workforce

How we work

MADE works with applied research, innovation and education to create, share and implement new knowledge, methods and technologies.

Applied Research

We generate knowledge by means of industrial research and development and testing of new solutions and technologies in close collaboration with industry. MADE’s activities are centred on applied research within a range of thematic domains defined by the current needs of Danish manufacturing companies. MADE’s research platform is called MADE FAST.


We share knowledge with companies through events, articles, videos and podcasts, and networking groups. We apply new knowledge when we test and demonstrate new technology in innovation projects. As the Danish National Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing, MADE aims to ensure that new science and technology is channelled proactively to a wide circle of manufacturing companies.


We ready today’s and tomorrow’s employees within Manufacturing Denmark for the factory of the future. Across all skills levels, MADE develops digital learning and assistive resources for the future to ready today’s and tomorrow’s employees to work with state-of-the art manufacturing concepts and technologies.


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