MADE – Manufacturing Academy of Denmark – is the Danish Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. We are a non-profit association of companies, higher-education institutions and other knowledge providers, including Research Technology Organisations (RTOs). We create and support world-class Danish manufacturing.

MADE is the Danish Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing We are the hub for the creation of solutions for tomorrow’s manufacturing businesses through research, innovation and education.

MADE is a certified Gold Cluster and is designated the Danish Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish Board of Business Development. We work closely with the other Danish national clusters tasked with facilitating collaboration between researchers and companies and thereby channelling increased innovation community-wide.

MADE’s field of strength is advanced manufacturing. We connect manufacturing companies, RTOs and higher-education institutions through innovative partnerships, projects and activities involving stakeholders from all over Denmark and all industries, regardless of company size, in order to generate, apply, and share manufacturing expertise and know-how to enable Denmark to compete globally.

MADE was established in 2014 when companies, foundations, associations, and science and technology research centres joined forces to create a national platform for boosting Danish manufacturing through applied research, development and innovation.

Our vision is to create and support world-class Danish manufacturing.

Applied Research, Innovation and Education

MADE operates within three tracks: Applied Research, Innovation and Education, within which we generate, apply and share knowledge about advanced manufacturing.

Applied Research

We generate knowledge by means of industrial research and development and testing of new solutions and technologies in close collaboration with industry. MADE’s activities are centred on applied research within a range of thematic domains defined by the current needs of Danish manufacturing companies. MADE’s research platform is called MADE FAST.


We share knowledge with companies through events, articles, videos and podcasts, and networking groups. We apply new knowledge when we test and demonstrate new technology in innovation projects. As the Danish National Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing, MADE aims to ensure that new science and technology is channelled proactively to a wide circle of manufacturing companies.


We ready today’s and tomorrow’s employees within Manufacturing Denmark for the factory of the future. Across all skills levels, MADE develops digital learning and assistive resources for the future to ready today’s and tomorrow’s employees to work with state-of-the art manufacturing concepts and technologies.

MADE Membership

MADE is an association of companies, higher-education institutions and knowledge providers partnered with a diverse range of other actors, including the regional Danish Business Hubs. As MADE members, we share our knowledge regardless of scale, industry or location. Just under nine in ten corporate members of MADE are small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 250 employees.

MADE regularly accepts new members. If you are interested in gaining access to MADE’s opportunities and joining our network of manufacturing stakeholders, click the button below.

What members say about MADE:

Approximately 270 is the number of members in MADE

90 pct of them are companies.

MADE as an international enabler

If you are interested in global partnering within one of MADE’s three tracks, MADE can help facilitate contact with ideal partners outside Denmark. We offer assistance in these areas: overcoming specific challenges or stress-testing advanced new manufacturing technologies; gaining fresh inspiration from European first-movers; testing your company’s digital maturity level; advising on the application of Industry 4.0 technologies and digitalisation; and joining transnational multi-stakeholder projects and networks.

We do so through these initiatives: International demonstration projects, MADE Field Trips, ADMA TranS4MErs, EDIH – European Digital Innovation Hub, EIT Manufacturing and DIH2.

Contact us

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Contact the MADE secretariat.

People in MADE

In addition to the MADE secretariat, the people serving MADE are the board and the heads of research. Learn more about our people and their roles here.


MADE is a non-profit association with a broad funding base provided by public and private foundations and associations as well as the member companies, universities and Research Technology Organisations (RTOs). Our research activities within the MADE FAST research platform are co-financed by more than 50 business partners and have a budget of DKK 265 million.

In addition to our industry partners, universities and four other higher-education institutions, and RTOs, the research platform is co-sponsored by: Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish Industry Foundation, Fremstillingsindustrien (national union of Danish manufacturers), and Industry Employers of Denmark. Innovation Fund Denmark is the largest single investor, injecting DKK 79.8 million into MADE FAST.

MADE is designated the national Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish Board of Business Development, both of which co-finance the cluster’s activities. Until 2020, MADE operated an innovation network for tomorrow’s manufacturing. The efforts of the national Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing builds on experiences and learning gained from that network.

Privacy and personal data processing

If you are actively involved in MADE or attend a MADE event, MADE will ask you for personal information such as your name, employer and email address. Please be assured that MADE takes good care of your personal data.

Learn more about data collected and retained by MADE, why we collect data, and how we process and use that data.

The Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science awards grants for MADE innovation conferences, open labs, company visits, field trips and partnership projects. In addition to MADE’s own Privacy Notice, the following guidelines apply to the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science’s personal data processing for the purposes of these MADE activities.

Need more information? You are always welcome to contact MADE if you have any questions about MADE opportunities and activities: