Who we are

MADE was launched to create a national network in which manufacturing actors in Denmark meet each other, share knowledge and establish collaborations across institutions, branches of business and geography.

Companies, universities, RTOs and educational institutions thus are active in MADE with the aim of developing innovative solutions to common challenges and to use MADE as a national platform for the spreading of knowledge and new, technological solutions in Danish industry.

Collection and use of information

To reach the goals described above, MADE collects and uses some general personal data such as names, workplaces and e-mail addresses. MADE needs this data, for instance, to call for and facilitate meetings between the partners in MADE’s research activities or to send practical information on our many events. In other words, the use of personal data for specific, professional purposes is a key function in MADE to create a national manufacturing ecosystem and network that benefit all members in MADE.

MADE uses your information purely for specific and professional purposes. The information that MADE holds about you, and the purpose for which it is used, depends solely on your relation to MADE. MADE’s services are primarily intended for manufacturing companies, knowledge institutions, organizations etc. Therefore, the information that MADE processes, is primarily related to the organization you represent – e.g. your title, your work e-mail, and the events, activities and projects in MADE you may be involved in on behalf of your organization.

The legal grounds for MADE’s use of your information follow the General Data Protection Regulation, art. 6, part 1.

When does MADE collect your information?

MADE collects information when…

  • …you are employed at one of MADE’s member organizations and have a relation to MADE such as:
    • You are eligible to vote at our General Assembly or are the contact person for your employer to MADE or have any other formal contact with MADE or an employee at MADE.
    • You participate in or actively follow the research in MADE
    • You participate in an innovation project, e.g. a MADE Demonstration Project or MADE Cluster Project, or other formal activity at MADE.
    • You participate in board work or group/network/committee work in MADE.
    • You have questions for MADE or otherwise communicate with MADE.
  • …you register for a MADE event.
  • …you register for MADE’s newsletter. 
  • …you visit MADE’s website 

What information does MADE collect?

When you have a relation to MADE, the following information is typically collected and stored:

  • Your name
  • Your title and workplace
  • An e-mail-address
  • A telephone number
  • Information about your relation and connection to MADE, including what services you receive from MADE, and which activities/projects/groups/networks you are connected to, and which events you have attended.
  • Which dialogues and correspondences you have had with MADE, e.g. in the form of letters, e-mails and/or phone calls.
  • Which payments you have made to MADE, e.g. in relation to an event.
  • Pictures or videos in which you are starring, if you, for instance, participate in an event or project in MADE.
  • Information about your IP-address, browser type, what pages you visit on our website, and how you use MADE’s website in general.

How does MADE use your information?

MADE uses your information with the purpose of delivering the services that you gain access to as a member in MADE and/or as an involved part of projects and events in MADE.

MADE uses your information to…

  • … invite you to and execute our events to perfection (which includes the creation of lists of participants and name tags, and the delivery of practical information ahead of the event as well as following up on the event afterwards). The information might be shared with other possible hosts of the event – typically a university, an RTO or a company in MADE.
  • … coordinate and facilitate meetings and activities related to the participation in research or innovation projects.
  • … carry out the matchmaking across companies, universities, RTO’s, and other experts within manufacturing.
  • … handle practical elements of being a member in MADE or active in research or innovation projects, e.g. the charging of membership fees, the creation of legal documents, collaboration agreements or the like.
  • … run a common online platform for e.g. communication, sharing of documents, presentations, meeting reports and other administration of the different MADE activities.
  • … communicate MADE’s activities and events in the form of publishing pictures and videos from the events on, in other MADE publications or with collaborators, members and media referring to MADE or MADE’s event.
  • … make the members of MADE’s board/committees/networks visible on MADE’s website or in other contexts.
  • … deliver a monthly newsletter for those registered for the newsletter.
  • … report and deliver statistics to grant donors and sponsors as well as developing statistics and analysis of the use of MADE’s website to optimize the user experience and ensure that relevant information on the website is always easily traced.


Via cookies, MADE automatically collects information about you and your use of the MADE website when you visit it. A cookie is a data file stored on your unit, e.g. a computer, when you visit the website. This data file makes it possible to recognize your unit and IP-address and follow your use of the website, and which pages on the site that you visit.

A cookie cannot be used to gain information about who you are, where you live or if the unit is used by one or more individuals.

The purpose behind the use of cookies on is solely to develop statistics via Google Analytics to optimize and improve the user experience of the website. Through cookies, MADE can analyze how you maneuver on the website so that the content can be presented in a way that makes it as relevant and accessible as possible.

When does MADE delete your personal information?

  • Information collected through your communication with us, your questions and requests for information, is deleted when they are no longer necessary to the case in question.
  • Information collected through projects, events, agreements, applications etc. is in general deleted 5 years after the expiration of the calendar year in which the project, event, agreement, application etc. is done. The information, however, will be stored for a longer duration 1) if MADE has a legitimate interest in preserving the information for a longer period, 2) if it is necessary for a legal requirement to be determined or defended, or 3) if the storage is necessary to fulfill legal requirements. Financial material is stored in 5 years until the end of a financial year to fulfill the requirements of the accounting law.
  • The information collected through your registration for our newsletter is deleted when you pull back your registration. The information, though, can be stored for a longer time, if MADE has a legitimate need for longer storage.
  • User data collected from MADE’s website through cookies is stored in 26 months.

What rights do you have, when MADE uses your information?

You have a string of rights according to the General Data Protection Regulation because MADE uses your information:

  • The right to insight: You have the right to gain insight on the information that MADE uses and stores about you.
  • The right to correction: You have the right to get false information about you corrected.
  • The right to deletion: You have the right to get the information about you deleted, before MADE’s general deletion dates.
  • The right to restriction of use: In certain situations, you have the right to restrict the use of your information. In such a case, MADE from thereon will only use the information – except storing it – with your consent, to determine, defend or assert a legal requirement or to protect a person or important societal interests.
  • The right to oppose: In certain situations, you have the right to oppose against MADE’s otherwise legal usage of your information.
  • The right to transfer information (data portability): In certain situations, you have the right to receive your information in a structured, regularly used and machine-readable format as well as having this information transferred from MADE to another data responsible without hindrance.
  • The right to withdraw your consent: At any time, you have the right to withdraw a consent. If you choose to withdraw a consent, it will not influence the legality of MADE’s usage of your information based on your earlier consent. Therefore, the withdrawal is in effect from the moment you withdraw.
  • The right to complain to the Data Protection Authority (DPA): You have the right to file a complaint to the DPA, if you find the way MADE uses your information to be inappropriate. You can find contact information on the DPA at

In all cases where you wish to use your right, we kindly ask you to contact the MADE Secretariat at

You can read more about your rights in the DPA’s guide to the rights of the registered, which you will find at

If you have questions about MADE’s usage of your information

Contact MADE’s secretariat at