Create new knowledge and technology with MADE

The MADE knowledge engine is powered by research projects responding to specific requests and requirements among Danish industrial enterprises. In these projects, major corporates and small-scale enterprises, university researchers and specialists from knowledge-provider organisations collaborate to develop solutions to shared challenges.

MADE PhDs conduct research in diverse fields. MADE PhD researcher Venkata Nadimpalli next to the unique 3D printer he built at Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in partnership with the LEGO Group, Grundfos and FORCE Technology.

Since its inception, MADE has initiated more than 100 research projects. Research within MADE is conducted on research platforms for which we have partnered with Danish industry to define a number of strategic initiatives. The current research platform is called MADE FAST

MADE researchers, typically PhDs and postdocs, conduct research in everything from 3D printing and robotics to smart factories and supply chains. By fostering research projects and recruiting budding researchers, MADE is helping to train a new generation of advanced manufacturing researchers and knowledge workers in Danish companies.


MADE FAST – Flexible, Agile, Sustainable manufacturing enabled by Talented employees was launched by MADE in April 2020. MADE FAST consists of five strategic initiatives.

Participate in MADE research

Within MADE, we create knowledge and new technology through applied research. There are four different types of researchers within MADE:

  • MADE PhDs
  • MADE postdocs
  • Associate PhDs or postdocs
  • Heads of strategic research initiatives/professors/senior researchers

The majority of MADE researchers are MADE PhDs funded by MADE who serve a range of companies. As a MADE PhD, you will typically be working in a research team within one of the strategic initiatives.

In addition to participating in MADE research, MADE researchers are invited to attend the annual three-day MADE Young Researchers Workshop where they solve business cases in interdisciplinary, inter-institutional teams. This event offers professional and social opportunities for sharing knowledge and long-term networking among the up-and-coming generation of advanced manufacturing researchers.

Keep an eye out on the MADE website for universities advertising research appointments or contact MADE for more information about the opportunities (see below for contact details).

Do you want your business to be involved in developing tomorrow’s solutions?

Do you have challenges or ideas you would like to explore through a MADE Research Project? Be part of shaping tomorrow’s advanced manufacturing through applied research partnerships between researchers, knowledge- provider organisations and companies.

Learn about the open calls to participate in ongoing research projects or get help to secure funding for new research projects in association with MADE.

Contact us:

Nigel Edmondson

Managing Director

Mobile: +45 21434678

Christine Aaberg Lauridsen

Project Consultant

Mobile: +45 42 218206

Benefits of participating in MADE research

As an active participant in MADE research initiatives, you will gain a wide network of talent and expertise and the opportunity to be a first-mover in applying state-of-the-art science and technology.

Specifically, you will gain access to:

  • MADE’s research team of leading professors and 70+ PhD and postdoctoral researchers
  • Research results from MADE’s strategic initiatives
  • MADE’s IT platform

Learn about MADE’s research and researchers

Read about the results from MADE’s research platform MADE FAST. MADE FAST builds on MADE’s former research platforms: MADE Spir and MADE Digital.


Otto Mønsted Foundation MADE Award

The Otto Mønsted Foundation MADE Award is conferred on a MADE PhD or postdoc for successful or promising research to overcome a manufacturing challenge. The award-winner is announced on the anniversary of MADE’s inception.