Partner Event: Interview Invitation – How can manufacturing companies adapt to EU Taxonomy and CSRD regulations?

About the projekt

The project is aimed at building a - "how to guide for companies":

  1. To align their reporting procedure as per CSRD;
  2. Helping them to understand how to classify their activities as "Green" as per EU Taxonomy.

Why this project?

With the upcoming pressure of regulations from EU it is very important for the companies to be ready for what is coming and be prepared; and the best time is 'RIGHT NOW'

What is in it for you?

  • A deep dive into these regulations from an academic view
  • Good sources to help you out to fulfill the requirements

I need your help!

With your knowledge of manufacturing landscape and working with regulations I want to gather data on readiness of companies. Click here to fill in the small survey.


30 maj 2023



For any questions:

Parth Sharma
+45 5016 8506

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