Deep Dive: Automatic Programming of Welding Robots based on CAD models

Unlock the potential of your CAD-models and offline programming systems for welding robots and achieve a faster lead time in one-of-a-kind production.

Digital integration of engineering and welding-robot programming
Companies with one-of-a-kind production refrain from using robotics because on average, it takes a few hours to one week to program welding robots.

And that is just by manually re-digitalizing data already available on configurable CAD models as stipulated by the ISO 2553 standard. Novel software can fill the gap between CAD software and offline programming software enabling fast programming of welding robots.

The programming time for welding robots can therefore be reduced to just a few minutes.

By automating the programming of welding robots, time to market can be improved, and redundancy across the valuechain eliminated to optimise usage of skilled labour.

A success MADE story – Sjørring in front
Going through a strategic change towards flexible automation, Sjørring is one of the beneficiaries of novel digital solutions for operations-technology integration across the value chain.

On this Deep Dive, Sjørring will show their automatic configuration of CAD models, developed in a MADE project, and how they use them for automatic programming of welding robots.

Valk Welding – The artificial intelligence behind automatic robot programming
Valk Welding is one of the leading welding-robot technology suppliers. Learn about their use of AI to program Panasonic robots and use of smart sensing for even faster and more accurate welding-robot programming.


11 december 2023 kl. 10:00 - 11:45


Microsoft Teams


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6 december 2023

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10:00 Welcome and introduction
Senior Consultant Sandrina Lohse-Larsen, MADE

10:10 Automatic programming of welding robots
Specialist Ioan-Matei Sarivan, FORCE Technology

Automatic programming of welding robots directly from CAD models. How to use digital
technologies for successful value chain optimization and reduce redundancies and how a solution for one company can be scaled to the level of the Danish industry.

10:40 A success MADE story – Sjørring in front
Project Manager Supply Chain & Construction Morten Bojer Hvass, Sjørring Maskinfabrik A/S

Sjørring Maskinfabrik presents a configurated solution powered by DriveWorks with weldments in a 3D CAD model, which was developed in a MADE FAST research project. The method reduces time for construction and design and makes it possible for other systems to gather information about the welding’s position, type, and size, e.g., welding-robot programming.

11:10 Valk Welding – The artificial intelligence behind automatic robot programming
Offline Programming Specialist James de Villiers, Valk Welding

Valk Welding will present an Automatic Robot Programming solution called ARP Powered by ArNC for Panasonic which harnesses the power of machine learning to automate the welding robot programming process. Weld definitions inside the CAD file are used to further increase the level of automation.

11:40 Wrap-up and Closing 
Senior Consultant Sandrina Lohse-Larsen, MADE 

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