MADE General Assembly and Annual Meeting 2019

World class manufacturing in Denmark

Danish strengths driving digitalization
As a national network, the close cooperation in MADE between academia, RTOs and companies across geography, sectors and sizes has shown a will and way to accelerate the implementation of applied research and innovation. This unique collaboration delivers knowledge and technology that drive productivity and growth in Danish manufacturing.

MADE’s 2019 Annual Meeting will focus on the opportunities for Danish manufacturing to use digitalization to further strengthen its ability to develop and deliver the products and services the global market is expecting.

National and international inspiration
Industrial leaders from two of Denmark’s key export markets will be on the stage, as keynote speakers from Siemens and Tetra Pak will share insight on the application and development of digital solutions in production to create customer value and improve productivity in manufacturing.

A unique network
Since the launch of MADE five years ago more than 70 young researchers have taken part in the MADE applied research and development platform. Daily they are working in close partnership with industry and RTOs. Together with the industrial partners, the research teams and RTOs will present new results and novel solutions which will be of inspiration to both the smaller and larger company representatives.

A day to celebrate Danish manufacturing
The MADE General Assembly is a core event for the members to get updated news from the Board and the organization. Everybody is invited to participate in this session taking place before lunch.
Warming up for the afternoon with more results to be shared and network to be expanded.

We look forward to sharing knowledge with you!


22 maj 2019 kl. 13:00 - 17:30


The House of Industry

H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18
1787 Copenhagen V


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It's free to participate. Have you registered and are absent without notice, you will receive a no-show fee of DKK 250



MADE General Assembly 2019

The General Assembly is open for all registered participants


Registration for Annual Meeting and light lunch


Welcome to MADE’s Annual Meeting

Chairman of MADE Morten Buhl-Sørensen, Danfoss

MADE is a value creating national network for industry, researchers and RTOs


Siemens’ digital journey (English)

Prof. Dr. Jochen Bönig, Siemens

Throughout the world Siemens is helping companies in the digitalization of industry. Dr. Bönig will be presenting state of the art cases from Siemens’ digital flagship factory


The digital manufacturing of Tetra Pak (English)

Manager Digital Solutions Henrik Widestadh, Tetra Pak Services

With a clear aim of strengthening an efficient customer support and maintenance, Tetra Pak in Sweden have applied big data and analytics in combination with AR. Gain insight to Tetra Paks Digital transformation and how digitalization has added mutual value for customers and company


The Otto Moensted Foundation’s MADE Award 2019 (English)

Chairman of MADE Morten Buhl-Sørensen, Danfoss

Some of the country's brightest PhD students within manufacturing research, are currently working to solving Danish manufacturing industries challenges. The Otto Moensted Foundation’s MADE Award is presented in recognition of outstanding research with industry


Break and refreshments


Enabling automation of low volume assembly tasks

Postdoc Simon Mathiesen, SDU and COO Søren M. Sandersen, Danchell A/S

A limiting factor to the automation of assembly task is the feeding of the many parts to the robot. SDU has made a breakthrough with a cost-effective way to develop and producing part feeders. A solution enabling automation of low volume assembly at companies like Danchell A/S


Happier customers and lower costs with digital learning

Postdoc Camilla Nellemann, CBS and Senior Advisor John Gøtze, QualiWare

If you make it more attractive for your customers to engage in e-learning than calling your support function, the potential result can be a higher level of customer satisfaction and at the same time saving of costs. QualiWare and CBS will share insight on the move towards full digital learning


High speed product development through modularization

Postdoc Martin Løkkegaard, DTU and CEO Piet Tæstensen, Aasted

The ability to quickly introduce new products is high on the list in many manufacturing companies. As the research at Grundfos and Aasted in cooperation with DTU has proven, a way to achieve this is modularization of the product architecture to reuse standard components


AR and VR to support training, assembly guidance and remote assistance (English)

Postdoc Tiare Feuchtner, Department of Computer Science, Aarhus University

The demand for virtual reality (VR) training and augmented reality (AR) real-time assistance for the workforce has been steadily increasing throughout the world-leading industries. Learn about the challenges, findings, and potentials from use cases at Vestas, LEGO, Tresu, and Grundfos


Break and refreshments


The benefits of a digital supply chain – an SME’s perspective

Postdoc Mads Bejlegaard, Aalborg University (AAU) and CEO Klaus Kalstrup, Sjørring Maskinfabrik

Through a collaboration between Sjørring Maskinfabrik and AAU, it has been demonstrated how rethinking and digitization of the supply chain can result in significant efficiency improvements and at the same time provide customers with better service and a wider product range


Cases from the MADE innovation activities

Vice President Anne-Lise Høg Lejre, Danish Technological Institute, Production

The RTOs Alexandra Institute, FORCE Technology and Danish Technological Institute play a core role in disseminating results from MADE’s research projects and assist in implementing new technology and methods in the Danish manufacturing companies. As inspiration three cases will be presented, illustrating how great results can be achieved when focusing on the needs of SMEs


The Otto Moensted Foundation’s scientific innovation award "The Bright Idea" 2019 (English)

Chairman Bo Stærmose, The Otto Moensted Foundation

Across the universities in Denmark a new generation of researchers are striving to solve questions of crucial value for society and business. The new award is bestowed to students or researchers either solo or as a group introducing a solution with a great business potential


Closing comments

Director Nigel Edmondson, MADE


MADE Network buffet

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