MADE researchers’ baton: Casper Solheim Bojer

Meet MADE Ph.D. Casper Solheim Bojer. He is doing research on Big Data with The LEGO Group and together with the world’s largest toy manufacturer he has developed four demonstrators that can predict down time and help with quality control.

In the first episode of the MADE Researchers’ Baton, MADE Ph.D. Giácomo Parolin explained his sustainability work at Grundfos.

Giácomo has passed the baton to MADE Ph.d. Casper Solheim Bojer by asking him: How can we use big data to make processes more sustainable?

Casper is doing research on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Aalborg University together with The LEGO Group in MADE FAST.

“We want to explore how to realize the potential of modern data technologies. We aim for an approach that allow us to quickly explore and demonstrate whether a technology such as Machine Learning has value for a particular use case,” Casper explains.

He has been contributed to the development of four demonstrators that can help The LEGO Group with predicting downtime, ensuring the quality of LEGO bricks and reducing material waste.

Learn more in the video above.

The project

Is a part of the strategic initiative ‘Value chain execution and optimization’ in MADE FAST.

Titel: “Enabling Fast Development of Advanced Analytics for Data-driven Manufacturing and Supply Chains”

Period: October 2020 – September 2023

Partners: Aalborg University and The LEGO Group

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