The future of our robot helper

In the second episode of the podcast series " My Robot Friend" (Min Robotven), we hear about the future of collaborative robots. We take a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities together with experts and visit the robot startup, Smooth Robotics to talk about their future plans for their software program for collaborative welding robots.

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What does the future look like for collaborative factory robots – which challenges and opportunities will it face in the future?

MADE Podcast pose these questions in the second episode of the Danish spoken Podcast series, “My Robot Friend” (Min Robotven). We seek the answers together with three experts: The inventor behind the collaborative robot Esben Østergaard, Professor in Robotics Henrik Gordon Petersen, and professional manager of the Center for Robot Technology at the Danish Technological Institute, Søren Peter Johansen – whom says the following about his thoughts about the future.

“I believe, that one of our future business models – and we are looking deep into the crystal ball now – would be that robots start trading with one another.”

My Robot Friend

In the series “My Robot Friend” MADE Podcast investigates the collaborative robot. Through a total of two episodes, we talk with experts about the origins, trends and future of the collaborative robot. Moreover, we visit the robot startup, Smooth Robotics.

Robot Union

Smooth Robotics is part of the EU project, Robot Union, of which MADE is a partner.

In Robot Union, 40 selected SME’s receive funding and access to technological expertise to develop solutions whithin automation in sectors that have an increase in the demand for robots.

The project runs until 2020.

A Software Program for Welding Robots – or Much More?

Besides talking about the future perspectives of collaborative robotics, the robot startup Smooth Robotics tell about their concrete plans for the future. In the first episode the startup told about their wielding software for collaborating robots.

Now, the dream is to make their software suitable for a larger number of robots and purposes. 

“Always having in the back of your head that this solution can be made in a way that can solve a lot for the end user in general – that is what makes this really interesting,” Erik Mønster, CEO in Smooth Robotics, says in the podcast.

The start up has reveived help in order to reach this goal from the EU project, Robot Union, of which MADE is a partner.

How Smooth Tool works


  • Esben Østergaard, Co-founder of Lifeline Robotics (2020), founder of Universal Robots (2005), PhD in Robotics and AI.
  • Henrik Gordon Petersen, Professor in Robotics at University of Southern Denmark.
  • Søren Peter Johansen, professional manager of Center for Robotics at Danish Technological Institute.
  • Erik Mønster, CEO at Smooth Robotics.
  • Julie Lykke-Nedergaaard, Host.


  • Jingle soundtrack: “Princess” by Ramzoid
  • Backgrund musik: “Trip Trap” by Morten Peetz Andersen

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