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Learn about MADE for Startups’ opportunities for founders, including how MADE for Startups can match established companies with startups for two-way benefits.

Anders Sparre

Senior Consultant and responsible for MADE for Startups

Mobile: +45 26 272494

Opportunities for startups:

  • Matchmaking with potential customers interested in trialling your methodology/technology in their manufacturing process.
  • A voucher worth up to DKK 75,000 to invest in expert assistance and access to test facilities hosted by knowledge-provider organisations.
  • Assistance to transition from idea or prototype to a saleable product.
  • 12-months’ free membership of MADE
  • Assistance for scaling, investment and industry-specific knowledge-sharing through Beyond Beta’s accelerator programmes, which include MADE for Startups.

Learn more about the individual opportunities below.

Our opportunities target:

  • Startups in the process of developing a product to be put into production.
  • Startups specialised in technologies or methods with applications in advanced manufacturing.

Tool: MADE Startup Map

Get an overview of the startups providing technology and solutions for manufacturing Denmark.

If you are in a startup that does not appear on the map, write Anders Sparre to be included in our next update. MADE Startup Map will be updated continuously with new startups and startups will be deleted from the map when they are more than five years old.


New and innovative services and products from startups could be part of the solution to specific challenges faced by established manufacturing companies on any scale. The challenges may revolve around anything from supply chain resilience to the need for fresh ideas for a viable take-back system.

MADE for Startups facilitates matchmaking between startups and established companies through projects and events. The objective is for startups to gain traction in the market and feedback on how their products need to be geared for full-scale production, while the manufacturing company gets the help it needs to overcome its challenges.

Keep an eye on this page, where we will shortly be publishing challenges from corporates to whom startups can pitch their best by contacting Anders Sparre.

How our corporate matchmaking works

  • Startups should reach out to Anders Sparre. We will then find the right way forward for you: Whether as a direct match with a relevant interested party within the MADE ecosystem, your attendance at an upcoming matchmaking event or something else altogether.
  • Established manufacturing companies are also welcome to contact Anders Sparre to discuss your specific challenges. We will then help you to get your challenge pitched and publicised in the startup ecosystem to elicit expert solution proposals from startups.

Once a match has been found, MADE guides you through a tried-and-tested process in which we define the means and ends for achieving benefits for all parties.

Challenges – a part of matchmaking

Keep an eye on this page, where we will shortly be publishing challenges from corporates to whom startups can pitch their best by contacting Anders Sparre.

Voucher for expert assistance and test facilities

Through MADE for Startups, founders can exchange our voucher for free services in solution testing and proof-of-concept. The voucher can be spent on gaining access to test facilities and expertise from knowledge provider organisations worth up to DKK 75,000.

Danish Technological Institute, for example, can assist in testing new 3D printing solutions, or the Alexandra Institute can advise on programming new VR solutions for workforce training.

In addition, startups are also offered free services from Beyond Beta and the regional Danish Business Hubs for collecting market intelligence, gearing their organisation and raising capital.

From idea or prototype to final product

Materials selection, manufacturing methods, requirements specifications, design, sustainability and quality control are just a fraction of all the many areas to be addressed before the final product is in hand.

Under MADE for Startups, we help founders transition from idea or prototype to a final, saleable product.

We put together a tailored programme offering you advice from professional mentors, workshops on relevant topics and networking with seasoned manufacturing experts.

12-months’ free MADE membership

As a start-up you can gain 12-months’ free MADE membership.

A MADE membership gives startups the opportunity to join a unique network of other companies, researchers, higher-education institutions and Research Technology Organisations (RTOs) as well as access to joining MADE projects and partnering with a larger-scale manufacturing company to pilot and adapt your product.

A MADE membership also gives your startup increased visibility to potential customers and partners through attendance at events where MADE members are invited to present their technologies and use-cases, and describe new methods for optimising production. In addition to a unique opportunity to gain insights into trend-setting science, startups can grow their network of experts and companies. 

In this way, a MADE membership provides an opportunity to meet potential customers or strategic partners to scale your venture.

Who can apply for startup membership?

The eligibility criteria for MADE’s offer of 12-months’ free startup membership are:

  • Your company was started less than five years ago.
  • Your company has at least two full-time employees or the equivalent.
  • Your company is a genuine startup, and not the result of a merger, change of ownership or the like.

After 12 months, your company transitions to standard membership unless you notify us that you no longer wish to continue your membership. The current membership fee is DKK 5,000 annually excl. VAT for companies with up to 100 employees.

Scaling, investment and industry-specific knowledge-sharing

MADE for Startups is part of Beyond Beta, a national startup programme funded by the Danish Board of Business Development and the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+).

Through Beyond Beta, startups gain access to scaling, investment and industry-specific knowledge-sharing.

Meet a startup in MADE

Anders Sparre

Senior Consultant and responsible for MADE for Startups

Mobile: +45 2627 2494