Studietur til Baskerlandet: High Value Manufacturing

Explore the Basque Country’s strong traditions for manufacturing and get an insight into the production of high value components for the wind, car and aerospace industries on MADE’s study mission. The study mission is designed for MADE members however, we would like to create dialogue and network with all of Manufacturing Denmark. Therefore, we invite also non-MADE members to participate.

A production and technology heartland

The Basque Country has a strong manufacturing tradition and is considered the undisputed centre of production and manufacturing technology in Spain. It has a high concentration of machine makers and companies producing high value components for the aerospace, automotive, wind and other industries.

Also, the Basque Country is a European hotspot for production research, with a high concentration of universities and other research centres focusing on manufacturing processes.

A tailored trip

This study mission is arranged specially for MADE members. We will be visiting manufacturers and knowledge institutions, including universities, representing wide-ranging know-how and expertise. We will be exploring the close links and knowledge exchange between companies and nearby knowledge institutions to gain an understanding of what such alliances can achieve.

One example is the Mondragon Corporation, a network of cooperatives that has a focus on advanced material forming expertise. Another example is the IMH Campus working on machine production for the wind industry.

Join us on this inspiring study mission

We are heading for the Basque Country to learn from the region’s focus on advanced manufacturing. In addition, the study mission is a great opportunity to network with an exclusive group of other MADE members sharing an interest in advanced manufacturing.


23 maj 2023 - 25 maj 2023


Basque Country, North West Spain



Registration deadline

16 maj 2023


3,000 DKK incl. hotel, transport between visits and meals (dinner Tuesday and Wednesday). Transport Denmark to/from Bilbao Airport is not included and must be arranged individually. Return plane tickets approx. 5,000 DKK.

Price for non-MADE members: 6.000 DKK.

We have only 20 seats, that are confirmed on an ongoing basis.

Klaus Bonde Ørskov, Tlf: +4530516085, E-mail:



Day 1 - Meeting in Bilbao Airport – meeting point will be announced


Day 1 - Joint transport by bus to Mondragon University

Address: Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Loramendi 4 – 20500 Arrasate, Mondragon, Spain


Day 1 - Welcome to Mondragon University

Presentation of research in high performance machining and advanced materials forming processes.R&D coordinator, Roberto Uribeetxeberria and Head of Machining Laboratory, Pedro Arrazola from the Faculty of Engineering of Mondragon Unibertsitatea (400 workers, 2500 students…) will take us through several advanced manufacturing labs presenting some of most significant the research done in Polymer and Composites Technology, Advanced Material Forming Processes and High Performance Machining in Aeronautics, Automotive, Railway, Wind generations sectors. Additionally, the new centre on medium voltage will be visited where collaborations will windpower companies will be mentioned.


Day 1 - Coffee break


Day 1 - Visit to Mondragon Corporation Centro Corporativo de Mondragon

Address: P Jose M Arizmendiarñeta no. 5 20500 Mondragon, Spain Innovation & Technology Director Eduardo Beltran, Mondragon Corporation Centro Corporativo de MondragonLearn how synergies are made at the cooperative consisting of companies, R&D centers and a university. MONDRAGON is the largest industrial corporation in the Basque ––with around 70.000 employees, 15.000M€ turn-over and a presence in +150 countries worldwide. MONDRAGON has a large industrial area with 10 industrial divisions, a finance area with its own bank and insurance company, a retail area with a supermarket and a knowledge area with a university, three research centers and several dedicated industrial innovation units.


Day 1 - Transfer to hotel in Bilbao

Address: Hotel Ercilla de Bilbao, Ercilla 37-39, Bilbao Spain


Day 1 - Dinner for mission participants at the hotel


Day 2 - Pick up at Hotel Ercilla de Bilbao

Transfer to Ideko


Day 2 - Visit to Ideko

Address: Arriaga Industrialdea 2, 20870 Elgoibar. International R&I Projects/Programs Manager Juanan Arrieta, IdekoIdeko is an organization that focusses on industry-related research and development of production methods, especially subtractive and additive manufacturing.Juanan Arrieta will guide us through the research center specialized in advanced manufacturing and industrial production. IDEKO (120 researchers) and Danobat Group (1.300 workers) form the Machine Tool Building Division of the MONDRAGON industrial area. IDEKO was founded in 1986 within the Danobat Group which is the largest machine-tool building industrial group in Spain. The four research pillars of IDEKO are Dynamics & Control, Manufacturing Processes, Precision Engineering, and ICT & Automation.We will visit laboratories where the testing & validation of research results in lab conditions are done. Hereafter, we will visit the division for implementation of tech developments in machines.


Day 2 - Welcome to Danobat and Endity

Address: Arriaga Kalea, 21, 20870 Elgoibar, Gipuzkoa, Spain Research & Innovation Director Imanol Landeta, Danobat and Endity and CEO & CTO Ivan Castro, EndityImanol Landeta will show us the industrial reality of a referent machine-tool builder, focused on grinding/turning technology in different machine architectures, whether they are horizontal high-volume, vertical or centerless. Danobat offers manufacturing solutions to the most challenging industrial sectors such as automotive, aerospace, railway, oil & gas, power generation, wind power, medical, etc.Danobat has affiliate companies in several European countries, US and China and employs 400 people and has  a total turn-over of 200M€.As part of the visit to Danobat, we will be introduced to an example on a technology driven startup, launched in 2020 between Danobat and IDEKO. The startup called Endity offers automatic robotic inspection technologies both for composite parts  and metal parts 


Day 2 - Lunch for mission participants

Transport to IMH Campus


Day 2 - Welcome to IMH Campus

Address: Azkue auzoa, 1, 20870 Elgoibar, Gipuzkoa, Spain Managing Director Ixaka Egurbide, IMH CampusIxaka Egurbide will introduce us to educational/academic aspects of the machine tool and manufacturing reality.IMH means “Instituto de la Máquina-Herramienta” (MachineTool Institute). The institute is focused on  technological preparation of youngsters and future engineers in an area covering approx. 75 percent of Spanish machine-tool production. Acquisition of technological skills is essential to enable digital/green transformation of both industries and society at large.Transport to Soraluce


Day 2 - Soraluce

Address: Osintxu s/n, 20570 Bergara, Gipuzkoa, SpainResearch & Innovation Director Xabier Mendizabal, SolaruceXabier Mendizabal will show us the industrial reality of a referent machine-tool builder, focused on milling/boring technology in different machine architectures. Soraluce offers complete personalized manufacturing solutions such as manufacturing assets but also measurement, handling, loading/unloading to the most challenging industrial sectors such as wind power, power generation, automotive, mould and die, aerospace, railway, oil and gas, etc. Their digital/green transition is transforming their current technology-driven product/service portfolio.Soraluce has affiliate companies in Germany, Italy, East-EU, US, China, employs 250 employees and has a a total turn-over of 120M€.


Day 2 - Transport to hotel

Transport to hotel


Day 2 - Dinner for mission participants at the hotel


Day 3 - Pick up at hotel

Joint transport by bus to CFAA


Day 3 - Visit to Aeronautics advanced Manufacturing Center (CFAA) and an introduction to ITP Aero

Address: Parque Tecnológico de Bizkaia, 202, 48170, Biscay, SpainManaging Director Luis-Norberto Lopez de Lacalle, CFAALuis-Norberto Lopez de Lacalle will show us the Aeronautics Advanced Manufacturing Center (CFAA), a pilot plant for testing/validation and pre-industrialization of research results. It is a consortium of industrial companies with clear orientation to aerospace manufacturing and direct involvement of the regional government.At CFAA , an additional  presentation of the  Basque flagship company in aerospace engines ITP Aero will be made by head personnel  from the manufacturing department of ITP Aero.


Day 3 - Arrival airport

Other events