Annual MADE Event 2023: On track for the future of manufacturing

Experience how MADE, the Danish National Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing generates and shares state-of-the-art science and know-how to boost and future-proof the competitiveness and sustainability of large and small-sized businesses alike.

Look no further for insights into promising new research-based advances in digitalisation, automation and sustainability as they power tomorrow’s green manufacturing and boost competitiveness.

Gain inspiration from presentations by Danish companies and knowledge institutions including Siemens, Danfoss, The LEGO Group, Dansac, VELUX, WindowMaster, Simulated Designs, Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish Industry Foundation, Federation of Danish Manufacturers, (DI - Confederation of Danish Industry) and Danish Technological Institute.

Learn about unique matchmaking within the Danish National Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing, which can help your company to address your specific challenges. Make the most of this opportunity to meet and network with some of MADE’s partners.


17 maj 2023 kl. 11:30 - 16:00


Industriens Hus

H. C. Andersens Blvd. 18
1553 København



Registration deadline

8 maj 2023


Admission is free of charge. If you have signed up but fail to attend without cancelling, you will be charged a fee of DKK 250 (excl. VAT).

Josua Ekberg Ravnholdt, Tlf: +4528345094, E-mail:

Simultaneous interpretation is available from Danish to English

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Lunch and networking

Meet some of MADE’s domestic partners, gain new networks and get up to speed on your options for engaging with MADE, the hub for Manufacturing Denmark.


MADE generates state-of-the-art insights and know-how

MADE Chair and Vice President, Strategic Procurement Morten Buhl Sørensen, Danfoss Drives

Introduction to the event theme: The road to tomorrow’s manufacturing is paved with new potentials harnessing data, flexible robots, automation solutions and sustainable tools.


Industry challenges

Bjarne Lykke Sørensen, CEO, Siemens

What are the challenges facing Siemens and other manufacturing companies now and in future? How can industry get ahead of the challenges? How do we build a sustainable future through new technology? Learn about the paradigm shift shaping manufacturing– driven by digitalisation and shorter supply chains – geared to a sustainable climate footprint.


Industry’s positions of strength

Cecilie Brøkner, CEO Innovation Fund Denmark; Peter Trillingsgaard, Director of the Federation of Danish Manufacturers, Confederation of Danish Industry; and Nigel Edmondson, Managing Director, MADE.

What positions of strength are held by Danish manufacturing companies? How to best support further development? How will R&D advance the green transformation and competitiveness in Denmark? And how to unlock the potentials of digitalisation, automation and sustainability? Learn more about Manufacturing Denmark, and how MADE is paving the way towards world-class manufacturing.


Take-back programmes for major companies and SMEs

Steffen Foldager Jensen, MADE PhD, Aalborg University and Rasmus Jørgensen, Danfoss Postdoc, Copenhagen Business School Karen Andreassen, Standardisation & Product Regulation Manager, WindowMaster International A/S

For both large-scale and small-scale manufacturers, creating take-back programmes for reusing products or recycling materials is a major challenge. Gain insights into how the major Danish companies Danfoss and Grundfos, and WindowMaster, an SME in ventilation solutions, are receiving MADE support to crack the code, and learn about a simplified take-back model developed by MADE for SMEs.


Break – coffee and cake


An untapped innovation potential

Charlotte Kjeldsen Krarup, Director, Danish Industry Foundation

Denmark’s SME manufacturers hold untapped innovation potential, which MADE will be helping to realise. Learn about Danish Industry Foundation’s MADE commitment, and about the efforts to transition research-based advances to real-world tools that make a difference on the shop floor.


From research to innovation in SMEs

Anne-Lise Høg Lejre, Executive Vice President, Food and Production, Danish Technological Institute and Tonie Brinch, Head of Science in Production/Business and Process Improvement Manager, Dansac

Disseminating knowledge is essential. Learn about how research-based knowledge is being applied for real-world innovation in small businesses. As a point in case, Dansac, an SME in stoma-care products, explain how they benefited from taking part in MADE projects, where the focus covered scalable data collection and enhanced quality control.


Tomorrow’s 3D printing and AM solutions

Professor Jesper Hattel, DTU Marta Rotari, MADE PhD, DTU and The LEGO Group

Gain insights into the development of new digital solutions within MADE FAST. Learn about the interdisciplinary collaboration between the world’s largest toy manufacturer, The LEGO Group, and DTU– Technical University of Denmark, using the MADE SPIR, MADE Digital and, now, MADE FAST platforms to create tomorrow’s 3D printing and AM solutions. Hardware, software and human resources are all elements of the collaboration.


Simulation for clarity

Sigurd Lazic Villumsen, Production Technology Innovation Manager and VELUX Professor Charles Møller, Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, Aarhus University

Gain insights into how VELUX optimise their production planning processes with the aid of production simulation. And discover how digitalisation projects involving computer simulations, digital infrastructure and artificial intelligence can help the window manufacturing business make the right decisions for highly complex products.


Recent innovation in conveying processes enabled by MADE research

Assistant Professor Simon Faarvang Mathiesen, SDU Robotics, University of Southern Denmark and Daniel Haraldson, Founder and CEO, Simulated Designs

Learn how new solutions have been developed within MADE for conveying small blanks for a robot. A nine-year research collaboration has generated new knowledge and a budding start-up, which will now be involved in establishing a conveyor system to facilitate and accelerate the automation of conveying blanks for scalable production, including for small-scale batch runs.


New technologies pave the way for human-robot interaction

MADE PhD. Alberto Sartori, SDU - University of Southern Denmark

How can operators and conventional industrial robots collaborate closely in production? Gain insights into how robots can support humans with tedious and strenuous tasks. In MADE FAST, the University of Southern Denmark is collaborating closely with The LEGO Group to develop a demonstrator, in which robots help operators to assemble and disassemble injection moulds weighing up to 750 kg and consisting of dozens of parts.With novel combinations of methods such as zero programming, service networks and digital twins, the robots are programmed automatically from product databases and then safely assist the operators.


New green solutions

Nigel Edmondson Managing Director, MADE

Closing remarks and thanks.

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