Press release: Manufacturing research has strengthened Danish industry

Press release from Innovation Fund Denmark

A number of large and small Danish companies have achieved remarkable results by applying state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and process innovations over the last few years.

This is the conclusion of a study that has examined an extensive collaboration between manufacturing companies and research institutions in Denmark. The collaboration has taken place in MADE (Manufacturing Academy of Denmark), an innovative collaboration that has led to significant productivity gains for the participating companies.

The Danish consultancy firm DAMVAD Analytics has conducted an evaluation of the preliminary results of the research projects in MADE. Their final rapport concludes, that if all similar Danish companies were utilizing the same new manufacturing technology and processes, as the participating companies in MADE, they could achieve productivity gains in the range of DKK 6.1 billion annually.

Peter Høngaard, Director of Innovation Fund Denmark – the largest single financial contributor of MADE – said:

– The results from MADE show that there are billions of Danish kroner to be gained by strengthening the collaboration between research institutions and Danish manufacturing companies. In just a few years, MADE has initiated a development that provides the basis for more manufacturing in Denmark and already creates great value to the Danish society.

MADE was launched in 2014. MADE’s purpose is to create world-class manufacturing in Denmark as a collaboration between Danish manufacturing companies, five Danish universities, and three RTO’s.

Large Danish manufacturing companies for example Danfoss, Grundfos and LEGO Group together with many small and medium-sized companies make up the industrial partners of MADE. The participating companies in MADE have experienced productivity and growth benefits through the application of the innovative technologies and methods, which have been developed through the MADE collaboration.


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