Counting down to The Otto Mønsted Foundation’s MADE Award, MADE introduces our four nominees through our series “Five Sharp for a Nominee”.

In this article we meet Casper Schou who is nominated for his participation in the MADE Digital demonstration project “Co-Creation of a Smart Factory Demonstrator using an Agile Approach”. Professor Charles Møller – who is work package leader in MADE Digital – nominated Casper Schou describing him as a “catalyst for the project constantly ensuring high engagement and close collaboration”.

According to the Professor: ”The ability to plan, design and develop the demonstrator in less than 6 months and engage such a diverse team were made possible by applying a high-pace, agile working method driven by Casper Schou.”

MADE asked Casper Schou five sharp questions to learn more about him and the project.

Otto Mønsteds Fondens MADE Award 2020

  • The award will be presented to a Ph.D. student or Postdoc working with one of the five Danish universities (AAU, AU, CBS, DTU and SDU) in MADE.
  • The winner is announced on September 24. 2020 (att. this event is cancelled and will be replaced by an online event this fall).
  • The first prize winner will receive 100,000 DKK and the second prize winner will receive 50,000 and both prize winners will receive a diploma and an art price.
  • Check our calendar for updates on the award event.

What is your project all about?

During a 6-month intensive period, researchers from Aalborg University, University of Southern Denmark, and Technical University of Denmark in close collaboration with both end-user companies and technology providers designed, built, and tested a smart factory demonstrator. As project manager I was responsible for the overall architecture as well as ensuring commitment form the many partners by creating the conditions for co—innovation between partners.

Why is it important?

The frequency of changes in technology has increased immensely, and many companies need help to scout, test and learn about new technologies. Collaboration with universities offers the right conditions for this type of explorative cooperation, but research projects of three or more years are not fit for the increased frequency. This project has shown an agile approach with short and intense “sprints”, engaging both academia, technology providers and end-user companies actively in a joint demonstrator; creating value for the companies while allowing industrial-relevant tests of research results.

Demonstrator project

  • Part of MADE Workpackage 5 in MADE Digital
  • Title: “Co-Creation of a Smart Factory Demonstrator using an Agile Approach”
  • Timeline:January 2019 – June 2019
  • Partners: Academic researchers and students from AAU, SDU and DTU, LEGO Systems A/S and four technology providers

How far are you and what will be your next step?

The project is finished, however, the agile approach and the research on smart factories continue; both as a research project with LEGO Systems A/S and a part-project under MADE FAST. Consequently, over the next three years I will together with a full time PhD student continue the research on how to integrate intelligent machines and processes into smart factories.

How will you use the money if you win the award?

I will spend the money on a study trip to selected German universities, research institutions and companies all achieving excellence in the field of industry 4.0 or smart factories.

About nominee: Casper Schou

  • Holds a M.Sc. in Manufacturing Technology and a PhD in collaborative and modular industrial robots from Aalborg University.
  • Title during the project: Postdoc at Department of Materials and Production, Aalborg University.
  • Today: Assistant Professor at the Department of Materials and Production, Aalborg University.

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